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TF- Vertical Insulated Concrete Foundations
Our insulated poured walls can be as much as 50% stronger than conventional poured walls because the concrete is protected during the entire curing process.
Our heavily ICF's (R-25+) tend to maintain a consistent temperature year-around.
Our walls naturally Wisk moisture away from living space to help eliminate condensation, and mold. Typically that is in a conventional block, or poured basement.
Components can be ordered in custom heights, angles, and widths to reflect virtually any design.
Our components form walls, provide insulation, create vapor barrier, and serve as attachment points for interior, and exterior finishing all in one easy step.
      What is TF Insulated Concrete Building Systems? 
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) are a stay in place
Concrete forming method that serves as a functional part of the wall after the concrete is poured. The TF System ICF consists of two main components: high density polystyrene panels plastic I-beams. On site, these components are erected as vertical concrete wall forms. When filled with concrete, they form solid, energy efficient walls to create high performance structure. TF System issued to construct frost walls, and above grade walls in both residential and commercial construction.
        Why Choose TF System?
        The design of the TF System is based upon decades of actual contractor experience. Our extensive product and job site Knowledge allow us to provide superior technical support and unparalleled customer service. We have recognized the challenges in concrete foundations from over 18 years in the ICF industry; we are dedicated to providing the highest quality product based on the latest research and development.
        Why the Vertical ICF’s is Better?
        TF System has been engineered to solve problems of horizontal ICF design. The vertical orientation eliminates the possibility of wall form floating and settling, providing a wall that is dimensionally accurate. there is no need for gluing,taping,or tying components together, making assembly simple and efficient. TF System components form walls, provide insulation, create a vapor barrier, and serve as convenient and predictable attachment points all in one easy step. Using this unique design differentiates innovative professionals in the building industry, while providing the competitive edge they desire.

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