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Foundation Repair
Are you a home owner with basement walls, or foundation issues? You are not alone.
Did you know that cracking foundations or buckling walls are problems faced by thousands of property owners who need foundation repair.
How did it happen?
When buildings, and home foundations are in soil, or not properly backfilled with proper soil. That is subject to consolidation, shrinkage, or swelling Often due to moisture extremes they can crack, buckle, or settle.
Foundations crack, and bow because of exterior lateral pressures caused by heavy rain falls, winter freeze, thaw cycles, and concrete driveways, and cars to close to the foundation walls.
  Is it a serious problem?
A shifting, buckling, or settling foundation can seriously affect the integrity, and resale value of your home, or building. These problems can result in: 1) Basement leaks 2) Visible or hidden cracks 3) Shifting of the block, or brick masonry resulting in "step-cracking".
  Does your basement wall problem look like any of the photos ?
To stabilize, and strengthen the block foundation it is necessary to increase the foundations shear tensile and compressive strengths. Greene Concrete does this by excavating existing soil along the foundation, and removes the pressure off wall by applying pressure on floor joists. Then apply pressure on the bowed wall    by our old state of the art method that has been proven to work for over 100 years. We then cut out the exterior portion of block every 3-4 feet and place rebar in cores of block and fill with 4500 PSI+ concrete grout mix.
  Before backfill begins Greene Concrete inspects soil conditions, drain tile, assess, and assures the property owner what proper constructive action should be proceeded to complete the project to insure such occurrence would be prevented in the future.
Water proofing the wall would be done with various different methods offered to the property owner. After waterproofing is complete Greene Concrete then applies 2" of insulation on the foundation wall being repaired before backfill. Greene Concrete will evaluate the soil removed along foundation then will use soil  if it  is suitable, or remove from property, and replace with clean fill sand, and crushed rock over drain tile.
After backfill is, complete the soil will be capped off with top soil, clay, and sloped away from the foundation
to keep moisture away from the newly repaired foundation.

Buckled Walls
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